What is Switch?

Switch: Open Street Sundays encourages people to enjoy metro HRM in a new way by walking, biking and moving around safely and comfortably on a 2km route. You can check out a collection of photos from past Switch events right here.


Switch is not about street closures – it is about opening streets to a greater variety of transportation modes and the route will remain permeable to vehicles. Switch is inspired by Ciclovia, which translates to “bike way” or “bike path”; millions of people in cities around the world now participate every Sunday and holiday on thousands of kilometres of city streets. The long-term effects of Ciclovia are safer cities where people can travel with ease, and a new vision of public space. Switch could be a transformative, ongoing event without infrastructure costs; Switch makes use of the existing network of streets and bicycle routes.

Vision for Switch Open Street Sundays

  • Imagine an initiative that allows you to switch the way you think about your streets, your community and your city.

Goals of Switch Open Street Sundays

  • Enable people to explore alternative modes of transportation in comfort and safety.
  • Demonstrate a long-term vision for an active transportation network.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of making room for other transportation modes to merchants, residents and decision makers
    • Make physical activity enjoyable & give people a sense of freedom.
    • Reimagine how public spaces and streets can be used to promote safe and healthy communities.
    • Enable and encourage different groups to explore new parts of the city in new ways.
    • Engage communities and neighborhoods to take greater ownership of how their street and spaces are used.

Future of Switch 

In June 2013 the PDC ran two engagement sessions to discuss the future of Switch around the peninsula. Four questions were asked:

  1. How do you feel about Switch?
  2. If you could dream big, what would Switch look like?
  3. What needs to happen to make your dream possible?
  4. How do we make the next Switch better?

Download PDF: Switch_CompleteInfoGraphReport_Booklet01